26 October 2006

update no. 2

Ok I´m finally back home in Germany. You want to see (or rather read) the proof? I do have my own car AND I´m working to finance my life (especially the car). So I´m doing and owning what most germans are doing / owning. Are you convinced?
Ok, I do have a car already for 2 weeks now. I love it! It´s a Seat Arosa, really small and quite old (9 years). But all the cars I was driving so far where far older! AND this way it was cheaper.
It´s good to be a bit more flexible and bit less dependable on my parents. And I saw God working in helping me with the whole registration of the car. Maybe they where just small things (for example I payed only 13 € for the licence plate instead of the regular 30€) but I felt God saying this was the right thing. I was thinking about buying a car for a while and decided to only buy it if it will in some way bring glory to God. This might sound weird! I mean a car was made to help you get from one place to the other in a fast way. But I belive there is more to this car,. Ok, it really sounds freaky. But that´s how I feel about it.

Working is another answered prayer! I´m back in the old working place. Before joining OM I worked for 5 month at ChrisMedia. It´s kind of the "bookhold" for 2 big christian publishing houses. Last week I gave them a call and was asked to start right away. Since the car costes money and starting from next year I will have to pay much higher university fees (so far we pay 200€ per semster but it will go up to 700€) it´s good to earn some money beside studing. Still, it will be difficult to organize. Today was my first day back at work. It was funny to meet some of my old collegues. And funny how they asked about my time in Mexico (as that was the first port I went to). A lot of things changed, but I was not that difficult to find my way around. I think it will be good as well to have a bit physical work, beside all the reading, writing, listining at university.

Well, guys it´t late and I should go to bed. Tomorrow I will have arabic classes again. I´m afraid about feeling stupid making mistakes. But without that I will not learn the language (or, as for tomorrow, the alphabet).
Hey, and the next update will soon be there! Keep looking out for it.


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