07 March 2007

Love song

I have been listing to some music on the radio today and really had to laugh about my train of thoughts after a love song. This lady (I do not know who was singing the song) claimed that she knew her boyfriend/ husband would put nothing above her. Fist I thought that sounds good. She knows that she is special to someone, really special. I found myself on the verge of envying her. I was kind of wondering why I did not have such a special person. No real deep thoughts (as I was peeling potatoes). Do I have too high expectations?
And that was the point where I had to laugh, because actually my expectations are far below what this girl was singing about: I would WANT a guy to put me SECOND PLACE in his life (if not even 3rd or 4th)!!!
Well, I guess in general I should stick a bit more to a good advice someone once gave me: It’s not good to listen to too many love songs!
Ok, this was a pretty personal post, but that was just what came to my head today and so I’ll share it with you.
By the way, I’m spending most of my day with my studies again. Right now I’m reading about tuberculosis and social hygiene in the beginning of the 20th century. Anyone interested in hearing some about it? I guess not! :o)

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  1. Tina Reiner9:44 PM

    Hey Conny,
    SOOOOOOOOOOOO COOL you could visit LOGOS II and LOGOS HOPE!!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts about it!- very touching!
    It made me think and reflect a lot....
    I'd LOVE to go back to one of the ships one day- Ulli, what do you think?! ;-) Greetings to you Conny, and to whoever else might read this (Ulli: love ya)
    Let's rock for the LORD!!!