22 May 2007

Mapuche - can´t get them out of my head

Yesterday I had to read my first paper of this week and I think it went well. Mapuche are the biggest indigenous minority in Chile and have been quite famous as they resisted the Incas as well as the Spanish conquistadores for about 200 years. Today they live in reservations and are still fighting for their land, though big numbers have moved to the cities (mainly Santiago de Chile).
I really enjoyed reading about the Mapuche but was so consumed with it that when I
took a nap yesterday afternoon I was dreaming about what to say and where to find some more information.
It was so hot yesterday that I was not able to study and decided to take the afternoon off. It was nice helping my parents a bit in the backyard in the evening and to watch a movie (“Kick it like Beckham”). Both I haven’t done for quite some time!

On Sunday we had a combined church service with our sister church (we are basically 3 churches, that have the same pastors, two little daughter churches and the bigger mother church in town). The place they are located is called Laubach and lies approximately 50 km away from my home town. I have never managed to be there and so it was really interesting to me. Funny how some things seem to be just the same and others have been totally different from our church. It was a nice service with a message on finding meaning in our life, not by chasing bubbles, but having a relationship with God. The preacher even had a bit on John Piper and the book “Desiring God”. You know his thesis that God will be most glorified, when we are most satisfied in him.
After the service we had a nice barbeque and enjoyed some fellowship. It was nice to see the effort that was put into getting to know each other. It was only sad not that many from my church attended the service.

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