21 June 2007

crazy trip & talks about t-shirts

I´m doing it again. Going on a crazy trip. No, this time it´s not that far away, actually only a 45 min drive. I´m going on a weekend retreat with people I do not know. Not one! The german readers might now the CT (or Christus Treff) in Marburg. It´s an evangelistic students church of a kind, with an evangelistic service every Thursday and another one on Sundays. And Sunday evening they are having an "International Worship Service" (IWS). I did attend this service a few times and decided I want to go more regulary. And the best way to get to
know the people is to go on this retreat of the IWS. I´m quite excited!

Oh, and another exciting thing happend this week. It has to do with this picture from the I-Night in Takoradi, Ghana. In Ghana we printed some t-shirts as publicity simply stating the following: Logos II in Takoradi and followed by the dates. You can see Daniel wearing one of these in the picture. Well, I found my shirt a while ago and decided to wear it. And what happend a week later? A guy that has some classes with me came up and asked me about the shirt and if I had been on the ship. This was so weird (in a good way) as there is not even an Logos II logo on it or anything else descriptive. So there is a guy studing with me and taking the same classes that knows the ships ministry! I´m really excited about it. OM is not that well known in Germany, you know! Too bad I had to hurry and could not talk to him much longer, but I soon will. Have to find out how he knows about Logos II. Great that the shirt is still fulfilling it´s purpose.

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