27 June 2007

God is good....

... all the time!
I do have another dead line this Friday. It´s only a 5 page essay, but I´m still not as far as I should be by now. This morning I slept in and was really angry with myself as I had planned to write some before heading off for work. But I really enjoyed work and was soon over it. Just knew that if necessary I would have to write into the night.
But it looks as if it will not come to it: After almost 3 hours of work there was nothing to do(usually I do a 8 hours day). So my boss asked if it would be fine for me to go home today and do some extra hours next week.
How cool is that? I have the whole afternoon free and enough time for my work!
Just a little thing I know, but I just love these little things that God does. Glory to him!!!

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