28 November 2007

Parking in Marburg

Here’s something I am really angry about. Some might know that I bought a car, because it’s cheaper then living in Marburg. Well, that might have to change. So far I did not have to pay tuition fees for studying in Marburg. This changed this semester and I have now to come up with 1400 € per year. I do not like it, but I kind of understand why I do have to pay it especially when I look at all the countries where you do have to pay much higher fees.). However last week I realized a new change that I simply find unfair.
Here a short overview over the parking situation. Parking has always been a pain in Marburg. There are not many parking spaces available and most of the available are really expensive. Additionally there are some right next to the river that runs through the city. Though conveniently close to university they are as well quite expensive (1 hour for 0.80 €) and as soon as the river caries a bit more water this parking lot has to be closed as it’s easily flooded. When you are parking in the “Oberstadt” (higher town, on a hill) you have to pay 1.20 € per hour. There are two options for free parking: A REALLY crowded university parking lot (and with really I mean crazy, have a look at the picture!) and right on top of the hill close to the castle. The second option I use when I’m in Marburg for a longer time (say 6 hours). The problem is that you have to climb a steep hill. That might be good exercise but is quite annoying if you are in town for a shorter time (1 hour). Recently the university parking lot is my problem though.
About a week ago they put up vending machines for parking ticket. First I thought I could not believe my eyes. But know you do have to pay there as well. The universities argument: too many people not related to the university where using this lot. Well, that might be true, but I (and all the other students) don’t gain from having an EMPTY parking lot, that I can not afford using. I just had to pay a lot for tuition fees and now there is not even a parking lot for my car available anymore. Ahhhhhh! The weird thing is: I seem to be the only one bothered by this. I know there are not too many students owning a car, but still there should be some. Where are they? Oh and looking at the current prices for fuel I really do not know how much longer I can afford my little car.

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