05 December 2007

december 5th

This might be a bit weird. But just as in a real one, you never know what you get next in your advent calendar. Talking to a friend at university today I was reminded of a dream I once head when leaving school (Realschule). At that time I wanted of joining the army and not to be every other soldier. No, I wanted to join the German navy. My friend was quite shocked to hear me say it. I might explain that in our culture every form of passive obedience or submission is mistrusted. Our army is nothing we are proud of. On contrary most of us don’t even realize they are there at all. Anyways my friend was shocked and I had to explain her why I did want to do such a thing as join them voluntary (guys do have to do military service). I tried to remember but could not really come up with my motives. I guess I did want to do something different, breaking free from the group of average girls. Maybe it was a bit of a rebellious time. I had not put much thought into it, being only 15 years old at that time. And I’d always loved the sea. Isn’t it funny how dreams can change and become true in a totally different way? I did go to sea after all and in a much better context.
Ok, this was random, I know, but hopefully a bit entertaining!

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