05 February 2008


Right now I am sitting in my room, writing this post (obviously), listening to some music (Keith Green) and eating chocolate! It’s the white Ritter Sport chocolate with whole nuts in it. Yes, this is important enough to be mentioned.
As this will be the last chocolate for me in the next 6 weeks!
Tomorrow the traditional time of fast will begin. (I just looked it up and my dictionary said that religious fasting is called “Lent”. Hmm!) This specific time has been set by the Catholic Church I believe and starts when carnival is over and ends with Passion Week.
I do not really know too much about it all, but I was thinking that it would be a good exercise to give up something for a while and maybe be remembered of Christ’s death in a different way.
I was first thinking to cut down on my Internet time. Most likely that would be the most painful thing to do right now. But as I will have to use the Internet for research on some university related work, it will be impossible to say I am fasting Internet. So I decided to give up chocolate and I am sure it won’t hurt my health either.

The reason behind it? Growth in my relationship with Christ! There has been some neglect in some areas from my side lately. I got so busy with other things. It’s more then time to come back and go forward. I do want to use this exercise as an opportunity. Oh, and another resolution: I am going to reread “The Passion of Jesus Christ” by John Piper. I just do not want Easter to come and go without any relevance.

Ok, why do I tell you all of this? Accountability! I know what will happen if I tell no one. One, two times I will have no problem saying “No”. But then suddenly this whole idea will seem totally stupid and I will just forget about it. I do not want this to happen and to help myself I will put up my promise here for everyone to read. Feel free to ask me about it in the following weeks!

Well, here you go. Last piece of chocolate! ;o)

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