28 October 2008


I will be rejoining OM. This time in the ships office in Mosbach. If you want to know anything more specific contact me. I just send out my first prayer letter with some information. If you want to receive it and haven’t so far, let me know as well!

Otherwise I feel like chained to my desk. So much to read again! It´s at times a bit difficult to concentrated on what has to be done right now. It seems much easier to look for an apartment (still too early for that) or plan my budget or thinks like that. I will have to hand in my thesis by February 3rd.Still I try to not give up on social life totally, and try to keep my weekends free as much as possible. Last Sunday for example we celebrated my grandpa’s 80th birthday with about 30 people. I am stilling working for one day the week at Chris Media. And I guess that is basically all in a nut shell.

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