16 December 2008

IKEA birthday

It was my grandma’s birthday yesterday. Since summer she has been announcing that she would not be home for her birthday this year. I guess the thought of having all of her 4 kids plus partners plus us grandchildren (11 in total) show up was too much work. As she does not have a drivers licence and did not make any serious plans of going some where we had been joking about that statement a bit. My aunt asked her for example for the address of the place she wanted to go so we would be able to send a cake.
Well in the end they arranged that my grandparents would come for lunch to my aunt’s place. At least that’s what my grandma believed. After lunch and her little nap she was surprised to neither find cake or coffee on the table and my grandfather had left as well. She followed my aunt, uncle & cousin when they put on shoes and coats and went to the car without asking. I guess she assumed there was a surprise waiting at her house. But they only picked up my grandfather and drove on. Out of their town and onto the autobahn. Her next thought must have been that they were heading for my parents place. But after half of the way my uncle left the autobahn. A few minutes later they arrived at the parking lot of IKEA. I’m not sure what she has thought about it, but my aunt explained her that Esther, my cousin, is looking for new furnishing and as she did not want to celebrate her birthday at home and all of them had already taking a day off work they thought they could as well go shopping. I don’t think grandma believed her, but she did not say anything. Inside IKEA they headed directly to the food area and were surprised there by my other aunt and family and little later by my mother and me. It was really nice sitting together, enjoying some coffee, nice cake and talking. No one had spend hours the night before preparing a big feast and as we had met halfway the drive hat not been to long for anyone. My grandmother seemed to enjoy the get together but I think next year she will be a bit more careful what she will wish for.

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