20 June 2012


As you might have noticed... I did update my 101 in 1001 page. (I you have not just click on the button above.)
I did not write that much about accomplished tasks as I should. But part of that is that you can not really write a story about everything.

Let´s take me seeing my ENT physician (HNO Arzt). Yes, I went. But what should I write about it? She prescript me some more cortisone, which I have been faithfully taking and that is it.

One other point is the surprise I made for someone. I do not really expect that person to read my blog. But you never know, right....  As it was a secret surprise I can neither tell you what it was nor if the person liked it. I do not know if they did. :)
But I hope it brought a little smile to someone´s face.

There are some ongoing points (like drinking water, 2 car free days, etc.) that I stopped counting. I am still doing it, but will not keep track of it that much. Don´t worry, I have an eye on it. I just realized looking back every week and calculation each time what I did or did not do was becoming straining.
Once a month checking I am checking where I am at, reading through the list and if necessary making adjustments to my lifestyle.

Last thought:
With this post I reported on point 85 & 40 and can now consider them accomplished! :)

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