30 November 2012


…after 6 faithful years and a total of 229800 km I had to sell my car 2 weeks ago. The money I had to invest into having it run for another 2 years did not seem worth the investment. So for the last weeks I have been en joying this new freedom.

My daily life in Mosbach does not require a car. I can reach my work, super markets and many friends by foot and less than 5 minutes from my house the train stops that bring me to any bigger city in the region.

I still need to learn to calculate so I am not running late everywhere, but over all I enjoy these extra walks. Especially in the morning I realize I arrive in the office in a better mood. The walks give me time to think, to process and to plan out my day. And it gives me the opportunity to observe my surrounding, to help a person asking for the way, be on the lookout for the newest fashion that people wear, see the changes in nature or try to fend off Jehovah Witnesses, up early to hand out their leaflets.

I had to adjust by buying new shoes (might need a water proof coat as well), look for my  umbrella, learn that there is no excuse for going out in the rain, and be more considerate in what to pack for an overnight stay as I have to carry it all the way. But yes… it still is freedom!

I did enjoy the different type freedom my car gave me. To go where I wanted, when I wanted and to take with me what I wanted. But the relieve that was there when I knew that looking for parking spots, checking on fuel prices and paying for the insurance was all over now was immense. With the car gone I know as well that I am again a little less settled. I want to keep on the move, not because I don´t like where I am, but because I want to remind myself that this is not permanent. It´s not my permanent home in the big scope (that would be heaven), nor is this where I am staying many more years. And it helps me to put into practice what I believe in: living a more conscious life! I am not there (by far not), but it´s one thing less I will spend money on and be more considerate of nature.


So, yes it is freedom…

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