13 November 2006

snow vs. rain & parking & smallpox

still no snow! it´s already the 13th of november and still no snow in sight. but a lot of rain instead. got totally soked today while tring to pay a parking ticket. it´s really difficult to get a parking lot in Marburg (and expensive). I finally found one in walking distance to the building in needed to go. But then I figured I had no coins for the parking meter. So off I went to the next shop (further away then my planned destination) to buy something to finace my parking whith the return cash. All the while it was pouring and I really got wet. Good thing I was early enough. Still if it would have been raining instead of snowing I´m sure I would not have been as annoyed!(But, knowing me, most likly there would have been something else to get annoyed over!)There is a picture of one of our parking meter. How I love the sight of them early in the morning! :o(

I do attend a seminar about epedemics and their influence on culture. Learned about smallpox today. Isn´t it weird that WHO announced only 1980 that the epedemic was extinct. in germany the vaccination stopped in the year 1982. That´s a year before I was born. Weird!

Sorry, all of this is rather random. Just what came to my mind. Next time I promise to write something more worthwhile.

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