28 November 2006

one of these days

Don’t really know what’s wrong today. But I feel kind of empty. Weird feeling! Do you know these days where everything seems grey? Well, this is one of them.
Does not really help that I have to be at Uni at 6 p.m. tonight and read a paper! Arrrrrrrghhhh!
Ever talked about such an interesting topic as, well wait a moment, think about a really boring topic, something you would really believe no one around you is interested. Came up with something?
Let me know, but I am sure it’s not as bad as.............................Forest! Yes, trees! Lot’s of green trees! A forest! You can see I’m really excited about it.

I’m aware that there are people that do like forests and there are others that are making sure we take good care of them, (and that is important) but I think that most people are not really eager to listen for 20 minutes how some one tries to show them the importance of trees. And I hate being that person tonight.
Ok, enough about that!

I decided to post a bit more regularly and add some discussion questions. I would like to be a bit more communicating with you guys. What about: Do you like trees, for today? Just kiding! :o) Hope I don’t forget in the business of life. You know how it goes.

Oh, and do you remember my excitement about the promised and never arrived snow? This weekend we had 20° C (about 68 Fahrenheit). Not exactly the right temperatures for snow. It’s starting to get a bit colder. But we are still well over 10 ° C. We will need some patience to wait for snow I guess. Too bad!

I still don’t really feel better, but it’s good to write anyways. Hope I did not disturb your good mood. Tomorrow it will be better. I’m sure!

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