06 December 2006

christmas shopping

I´m done. Well, almost done. Christmas shopping is over. Still need one or two articels, but only small things. Anyone has an idea of a little something for my brothers. It´s just an extra. But my ideas are all gone.

Christmas may come! I´m glad it´s not too stressful this year. There wont even be too much in church. The morning of Christmas Eve we will have a nice breakfast for the congregation. I promised to help my mother there and then there will be the children play on the 17th. I´m going to do the light again, but that should not be too much.
Classes will basically end a week before Christmas. I still have a paper to hold on the 18th but the I´m done.
I don´t know if it´s the missing stress or the warm weather, but I still can´t belive Christmas is coming.
Today it was my turn on opening a parcel of our family advents calendar. Got a housedoor key (so far I used Jonas´) and decorative magnets for my notice board.
Oh, and as it´s Santa Clause Day there where sweets in my shoe. I totally forgot about it and only saw it after I returned from classes. Don´t worry I was waering another pair of shoes. :o)

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