02 December 2006


Spend the day at IKEA. My dad invited us all for breakfast at IKEA. Was funny to be all there (does not happen that often anymore), sit around the table enjoying great food, laughing, talking. Afterwards we devided into groups and went Christmas shopping. Really had fun! Weird how much you can enjoy shopping even if you by only small things.
Got some small articels, a gift for my parents and a mattress for myself. Afterwards we did some decorations indoors. My dad and I changed the tires on my car. I bought snow tires and only payed 110 €. I´m really glad!
That was the first time I did change tires. Don´t know why I was never around when my dad did it before. When I was younger I used to be my dad´s right hand with these typ of little jobs. But since my brothers are around (and since I got older, I guess) that changed. Was funny working togethere.
After the car was ready for snow and ice (that will hopfully arrive this year) we drove into the forest to get some fir for my mother to cover her roses for the winter.
And now we are again in the house cleaning up. We expect visitors tomorrow and my mother is starting to freak out. It´s never clean enough and people might think she does not manage. Usually reasoning wont help. Best keep silent and try your best and then tell her that it looks great.

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