13 February 2007

Short note

I did NOT pass my arabic test! Next try in April.
Except working abit, learning for Arabic and reading some books, I´m free for 2 month.
Still wondering how I will fill these months. Anyone has some good ideas?
Was first planning a practical training, but that will take place in summer now (more about it later). Made sure to have at least on month free, and ended up with no plans for such a long time.
Was thinking about going to Croatia, but am not sure if I should do it. If it´s wise! Anyone wants to come along?
Well, I guess I could start with cleaning my room! :o)
I´m listening right now to some music by Marcos Witt, that my sister sent me. Missed Spanish worship.

Ok, this is it! Have a good day!

P.S. I changed the regulations for comments. You do not need to have a blogspot account to post something.

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