30 January 2007

Yesterday started off really good. I love my schedule on Mondays as I do not have to leave the house before 10:20 am. Gives me enough time for a shower, breakfast without hurry, quite time, some mails and a bit of studying. Even my hair dries (some of you may know that I hate to blow dry my hair, that leads to me mostly running around with wet hair) in time.
But once in Marburg things changed fast: Had a really boring seminar on Madonna and a speech of some chief on his time in a white school. Sometimes the presentation can destroy the most interesting topics. Especially when everything is said but we have to stay as the time is not over yet.
Got some good results though: 14 points (0 is not accepted and 15 the best you can get) on a paper I wrote last summer. It was about our little research on a student’s society, so all my own work. And my aunts: she read it over and looked for mistakes. Since I’m home my written German did not recover yet. It’s really embarrassing how often I use English grammar. I especially have a problem with the commas. I sometimes have to remind myself that I actually did my Abitur (school-leaving examination, qualifying for university entrance) in German as my main subject.
Well back to my day yesterday. After a lunch break, which I usually use for some reading, I had a very interesting seminar on SARS and bird flu (really do not know if that’s the right translation, but the word is just too new for a dictionary). The problem was that after a bad storm (2 weeks ago) the roof of the main room was destroyed so that we had to meet in a room built for ca. 60-70 with a group of 120 students. It worked quite well, but we forgot to oven the windows. After 1 ½ hours you could hardly look out of the windows and I started to fell a headache.
All the way back (35 min. drive) I left the window open to get some fresh air and once I arrived home made sure I got some food. It all did not help, the headache got worse. It did not really help to have my brothers around and my parents moving some furniture all around the house.
I was just lying in my bed and thinking about the small group meeting that evening that I had to lead. Decided against asking someone else to do it and asked God to take the headache away. It was one of these bargain prayers. Told him I would witness (speak tell the others) about it. My headache did not get better, but I felt asleep. Adrian woke me a while later as I had a phone call saying that the small group meeting would not take place. Praise God! I still had the headache, but I did not have to lead the evening.
Later I even started to fell sick and even watching TV (Love in Manhattan) did not help.
Luckily the headache is gone this morning. So I have a lot of time to study! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! I hate my Arabic book by now! What ever rid me when I decided to study Arabic?

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