27 September 2007

prayer for the ships ministry

As I am right now (still) in Mosbach working in the ships office I thought a post about the ships and a few prayer requests might not be wrong.

Is right now in Hong Kong and is experiencing a enormous response. One weekend 15, 000 visitors came on board. I do not know the actual number for the whole visit up to today, but I guess you get the picture.
Dry-dock (a period of maintenance the ships need to go through each year) is coming up soon and a new group of people joined recently. During this time the regular program closes down and work will be concentrating on the ship, as well as landteams will go out.

Logos Hope
This is the new ship that is still being worked on. They are getting ready to leave Croatia (no date set yet, but everyday is a day closerJ). The ship has been “redelivered” to OM a few weeks ago, what means that that the work done by the local dock has been finished. But the ship is still not ready to sail and some of the jobs are not totally finished yet.
Right now a group of about 40 people from the Logos II joined the team in Croatia to help in this process. There is a lot of physical work to do everyday and staff is being trained as seafarers for the voyage to Germany where the out-fit period of some month will take place.

Logos II
Presently the ship (this is the one I was on) is in Germany, precisely in Kiel. This is the port where I saw her the first time in 2001. I was working as a volunteer and already in the process to join the ships.
But this time it is a very different visit, because the actual ministry of the ship came to an end and they are waiting for the Logos Hope to come alongside. Of course the work onboard still goes on but the book shop is closed and there won’t be any conferences anymore. This is a very strange and new situation for the crew.

Here a few prayer requests:

· For people to adjust to changes and a willingness to be molded by God
· For strength & joy in their everyday work as well as safety
· For new ways for people to interact with locals when regular programs fall away or are not in place yet
· For the long time the Logos II & Logos Hope will be in Germany and for a lasting impact

If you want more information on the ships visit their websites (www.logos2.org; www.doulos.org; www.logoshope.org) and if you want to hear some stories just ask me! J
By the way they are always looking for volunteers to work onboard Logos Hope practically for a few weeks to 3 month. Information about how to get involved you will find as well on the websites.

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