01 November 2007


My sisters and I are going to have a short vacation this weekend (is it possible to have a vaccation that lasts less then 48 hours?). I´m really excited! Have not been on vaccations - well real vaccations - for sooooo long.
Ok, I have been in Croatia earlier this year, but I was mainly there to serve on Logos Hope (though I have to admit that I had at least 3 days off that I spent on Logos II). Then I went on a wondeful, but sadly much too short weekend trip to Switzerland with Christine visiting Elisabeth. There have been a number of off days since then here and there and some special days (not to forget the trip to Cuxhaven visiting Logos II once again), but I never found the time (and money) to take some time off, get away from home, relax and not to be concerned with those million things the seem so urgent.

Well, I still don´t really have the money to do so, but my aunt and uncle went on holidays in the Netherlands and invited us to come along for a weekend. We do not have to look for accomodation or anything actually. Such a blessing!!!

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