10 November 2007

Homer vs. Homer

I’m right not (well, let’s say I SHOULD be right now) preparing for a paper on Homer. The funny thing is that whenever I tell this I get this weird face: “Homer? Homer Simpson?”
Well, NO!!! It’s not Simpson’s! Anthropology is interested in many topics that seem rather weird (and actually I am sure there are books written about the Simpson’s by Anthropologists) but I am right now reading about the author of the Iliad and Odyssey! You know that stuff you read or heard about in school, Troy, Achilles, Paris, all the gods and Ulysses. So no Simpson’s, please! HomER! Stress the last syllable, not the first.

Oh, and on that note: Most likely Homer was not the author of these two epic works (or at least not of both) and they do not describe an actual historic past. The academics are not even sure if Homer himself is fiction. Still it’s interesting to try to figure out what Homer (or who ever wrote it down) is telling about the time he is living in and its values and cultural peculiarities.

Ok, this is just one more of those posts that are rather random. Sorry!

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