08 November 2007

Logos Hope is FINALLY on her way!

Today at around midday Logos Hope left Trogir, Croatia and is now on her 16 days voyage to Kiel, Germany.
By grace or accident or a lucky circumstance or how ever you might call it I was online at the time of departure and watched the lady set sail. So very much exciting!!!
I have to check how long the Logos Hope was in Croatia but it must have been around 2 years now, and finally the next step is coming.
I used to always say I do not believe the rumours (or even official announcements) about Logos Hope getting ready to sail until I see it. And just like the doubting disciple Thomas I was able to see it with my own eyes (while being far away).

For those of you who do not know the Logos Hope that well here’s a short overview. The Logos Hope is supposed to take over the ministry from Logos II (the ship I was on for 2 ½ years). In Croatia the ship was rebuild for the new ministry and the last months and weeks where full of delays (mainly caused by technical difficulties). The ship will be in Kiel the coming months and will still be made ready for the years to come. I do not know anything about when Logos Hope will be leaving from Germany, but I assume that it will still be some months.

Ok, and in 16 days Logos Hope arrives in Germany. I just did a short calculation and if I’m not wrong (and circumstances change) she should arrive on Saturday the 24th of November! I WANT TO BE THERE FOR THAT EVENT!!! Any one else out there? Let’s drive up and give Logos Hope and its crew a warm welcome in Germany!

PS: All news on Logos Hope under http://www.logoshope.org/ (especially interesting is the web cam and a vessel tracker)

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