13 December 2007

december 12th

And this for today! I seem to never write about my job at ChrisMedia of 8 hours per week. Given that’s not much time, but still it’s a constant figure in my weekly routine. Actually I can hardly speak of much routine in my life at present. Of course there are seminars and lectures and church services that have a specific time. But they only give each day a certain frame. Everything in between is free to my own scheduling. It’s nice to decide for yourself when you do what, but it’s at times tricky to fit everything in, not to slack and not to overdo it either. The life of a student! Work is different, it is regular and that’s good. Today we had the annual Christmas outing that usually consists of lot’s of good food! The boss comes up front and tells some funny stories and you watch a power point presentation and then it’s again some good food. In between you get the chance to have a chat with some previously unknown colleagues (I had a chat with the senior and the junior boss, so am I important?) or those you see each time but somehow never get a chance to talk to. And then it’s food and drinks again. Actually rather boring, but I got a bit challenged today (can you get a bit challenged?). It came through in one of the bosses speeches when he quoted from some letters that customer send in. At this point I might explain that I am working for a Christian company that is a link of a Christian publishing house, a book shop chain and book depot. I am working specifically for the depot and there I have to do with orders of Christian flyers and tracts. To my shame there are hundreds of gospel tracts and creative ministry material going through my hands each time I am at work, but I never realized that I am helping people to lead others to Christ. It always just seemed like regular work. Some work at McDonalds or attend to elderly people and I am working with these cards. I really have to rethink what I am doing there, as there are people turning to Christ through these papers that go through my hands. So it was more then food and talk today, for me it was an eye-opener.

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