21 December 2007

december 20th

I am done! Wow! Pure relief! Just right now finished with the last thing I had to do for university for this year of 2007. Now it’s only holidays! Well, ok, I do work tomorrow. But I guess even there it will be rather relaxed, as none of the parcels we will get ready will make it to the customers in time for Christmas and DHL and UPS and the others don’t come anymore. Most of today I spend on researching on the Kyoto protocol and its main parties. Man, I am so bored by this topic. Just for the record: I was assigned to do this and never chose it for my self. By the way I found that picture on the topic. I feel a bit like that guy: headless. I´m so not interested in the whole climate change debate it´s scary. Well, for now I am done with it and hopefully what we wrote will be better then the last script we handed in. I did get some good marks this week by the way. That in addition to the good news from my doctor and a professor who changed a deadline from December 31st to “somewhere in January”, made this week less stressful then expected. God is so good!
I think know I will even find energy (ha, do you see how I am playing with words? energy ... hmmm) for a thorough cleanup in my room and Christmas presents shopping. And maybe even time to buy something for myself from the money my grand- & parents gave me for Christmas.

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