31 January 2008

I just got the ok! I am “officially accepted to go to Logos Hope” the mail I received today read. Funny way to put it!
Yeah! In a bit more then a week I will be onboard a ship again and for the longest time since I left. I will be there from 09th – 24th of February! So excited!!!

Before that there is still a lot of work to be finished so I try my best not to think too much on it right now. No time to get distracted.
I have a 20 minute presentation on Saturday that still needs some attention. Then I am finishing my report on my placement in the ships office last year. I need to hand in at least 15 pages and have 10 by now. Then the 5 page essay on “Missionsbräute” (see the post below) is waiting to be done. I think that is all the writing. A few more things to read and some meetings and I should be ready to go!

Oh, and on Saturday I am arranging a game night with some people from my church. I decided to work against my negative attitude and thought that an event not being strictly attached to church activities might be good to get to know each other better. Will tell you how it went!

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