30 January 2008

the ships - coming & going & wishing

It´s time for some pictures! I just realised that I wrote about Logos Hope leaving Croatia and heading for Germany, but that was it. Well, of course they have arrived by now. ;o)

Here is a picture of Logos II and Logos Hope berthed next to each other! I did not manage to be there for the arrival or for new years (another idea of mine). But I am planning to spend two weeks of my “break” in February onboard Logos Hope as project worker. I did not get back an ok from OM yet, but I do not think there should be too much of trouble.

Sadly (for me at least) I will miss the Logos II. The supposed to be outranged vessel is sailing again. They are heading to the Caribbean for a 6 month book distribution project. The crew is much smaller (I heard about 50 – 80 people, though I am not sure of the exact numbers) and thus will have a lot of work to do. Here is a picture of Logos II leaving Kiel, in the background Logos Hope.

It’s really exciting to hear of the Logos II’s ministry not being over yet. I would have loved to be on that 6 month project. Caribbean sounds really good and I would love to go back to some of the places I visited in 2004. I even had a half thought of skipping one semester and joining up with Logos II. But I came back to my senses and decided to finish studies first before doing anything crazy.
I can not guarantee for anything though in case the Logos II will go on after July, as I will be done by then. ;o)

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