16 January 2008

This shall be my faith

A while ago I heard this quote from Martin Luther in church and it stoke in my mind. I could not find an English translation of it and so had to translate it myself. Sorry to any theologians (or others that might know the original quote) for eventual mistakes I made. I could not find a reference either, and hope I did not misquote anything.
Well first read it and then my thoughts:

„Because of my inborn wickedness and weakness so far it has been impossible for me to satisfy God’s claims. If I may not believe that God, for Christ’s sake, will forgive me the daily mourned lag, it would be over with me. I would have to despair, but I won’t let that happen. Like Judas hang myself on a tree, I will not do that. I will hang myself (cling) to the neck or foot of Jesus Christ, like the sinful woman. Even though I am worse then her, I will hold tight to my Lord. Then he will speak to the Father: ‘This attachment has to pass. Though it never kept any (promises) and broke each of your commandments. Father, but it clings to me. Never mind! I died for him as well. Let him slip through.’ This shall be my faith!”
(Martin Luther)

I love this quote because it seems so much like me. I so often feel like I am breaking every rule and commandment (well, maybe not each one, but where does it say that breaking one commandment is breaking the whole law?). There is not much I can show up with. I can only cling to Jesus and not let him go. Even that I often don’t do. But it’s what I want. This is why this blog is called “Nearer to God”. I want to be an “attachment”.

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