29 March 2008

Deadline coming up…

Time is short and I am not done with writing yet. Monday is deadline! I am sometimes wondering if I need all this pressure to be good! It seems that everything I write with much time at my hands turns out to be medium, but with a lot of time pressure I can be really good. Actually I am not sure if I deceive myself by this explanation and if it’s not rather an excuse. Well, I don’t know. What I know though is that many students know this problem and that I am kind of bored by essays and term papers. It´s time to finish off and be gone. As much as I enjoy my life as a student, I am carving right now for a regular work. I want to have some borders and some guidelines and timeframes. I want to have an office and some regular work and 8 hours 5 days a week. (Be assured that once I have them I want to go back to this time!) Ok, no more complaining! Back to work! (I guess I just needed a little mental break here. Thanks, for spending it with me!)

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