18 March 2008


These last few days have been full of painful hours for me.
First I thought it was only a pain in my back from sitting all day long. But when I started to feel nausea I realized it had to be something else. To bad it was the weekend and I could only go to see my doctor on Monday. She gave me some antibiotics and told me to come back in a few days.
Ok, I won’t bore you with details, but there is one weird thing about this.
I feel pretty ok for most of the day and in the later afternoon I start to feel this pain in my lower back. It starts of quite human but gets more painful the later it gets.
By the evening I am really in pain and feeling sick. Nothing can distract me from the pain and there is no comfortable position. Yesterday I thought I would faint.
And then suddenly it is all over and I feel totally ok again. It´s so weird!

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