29 April 2008

Springtime ….

Finally the spring came! We had a beautiful sunny weekend and even though it’s mainly cloudy since yesterday the temperature has gone up. Ah! So nice to see the fresh green every where and all those beautiful flowers in peoples garden or in the forest.
Every year at this time I want to urge the trees to stop in their process right there and let me enjoy it a bit longer. I’m not too much of a nature freak, but this beautiful colour of fresh green after all the grey and brown colours of the winter is the best. Once the leaves and grass gets darker I loose my interest until autumn comes around…

Hmm, I guess that’s it for today. I do have some bigger announcements coming up and some things to share about the last few days (well, already weeks) since last blogging. But I will do that in separate posts and leave you with this warm, fluffy spring feelings for now.

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