02 May 2008

It´s final now …

… I will write my B.A. thesis (final paper) in Sep. /Oct. and stay at university for one more semester. I feel in general good about it and I know it was the right decision. I had too much to do this semester and though I do have my topic and did the initial research it would have gotten very difficult to finish my thesis well this semester.
Considering that I will not finish my studies in the given time frame and do one extra semester does not feel that good though. I know it’s for the right decisions but still the questions and remarks I get from people start to bother me.
Here is to you: I am not turning into a long-term student! I am not lazy! I am not afraid of leaving university and entering real life (what makes it real anyways)! I made some mistakes earlier in my studies and ended up with a fuller final semester than is wise. That’s all!
I do want to finish well! And I do want to get out of university! It´s a nice life but I am so ready to leave it all behind. But I am determined to do it right and that would only be given with one more semester.
This is it! And here it is for everyone to read.

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