13 May 2008

Beautiful weather outside … and I am sick!

This is so very stupid! We have the best weather right now with up to 28° C and I can’t enjoy it as I have a cold. And it all had to do with me being too stupid to dress according to the situation.
Friday I enjoyed a concert (www.jamaram.de) with a friend of mine.

At 11 pm (or a bit later) we left the building quite sweaty (you know how it goes … good rhythmic music, too many people in the room, etc.). I had some foresight to bring a light jacket but not enough to actually carry it around with me (left it in my car) or to decide against talking for another 30 minutes in the street before heading for my car. As the German saying goes: Who can’t listen has to feel (though in this case it should be: who can’t act reasonable).
I spend Saturday fighting against it and cleaning my car and room (if you want to come and visit come NOW things hardly ever look so tidy) and preparing some surprises for mother’s day.
I guess I managed to do all I planned (pancakes and blueberry yoghurt for breakfast, lunch with chicken breast fillet in lime butter and veggies and a cake for Monday) and going to church but after that my energy was used up. The rest of the bank holiday I spend reading. Some more for my next presentation (the conflict in Kashmir) but most attention was captured by a novel.

The book was “A Room with a View” by E.M. Forster. I found it, while cleaning, among my many unread books. Just a while ago I had seen the adaptation of the book and was intrigued. I really liked the movie and enjoyed the book now as well (am a fast reader). I think this has been the first time I was reading a book AFTER having seen the movie and I was a bit afraid it would spoil the pleasure. It did not!
I watched the adaptation from 2007 by the way with Elaine Cassidy as “Lucy Honeychurch” and Rafe Spall as “George Emerson”. I liked Rafe Spall in it (never heard of him before) and I am realizing this is almost a “Mr. Darcy”-debate among people that love book and movie (obviously you like the actor in the first adaptation better if you have seen it first). I think what I like most about him is actually a weird thing: his heavy accent (it’s sometimes hard to follow). Too bad he does not really say much….

Ok, enough rambling for the day! I spent some time reading outside on our terrace but it either got to cold or hot, so most of weekend and beginning of the week was spend inside jealous of those enjoying the sun…. but I am feeling better today and will be at university tomorrow again! Yeah! And I hope the weather will stay a bit longer like this ….

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