24 November 2008

Winter wonderland and a Sunday to relax

Since Friday it has been snowing and by yesterday afternoon everything outside is covered with a beautiful layer of white! It´s so beautiful! Really gets you into Christmas mood. It makes you want to eat Christmassy food and listen to Christmassy music and light candles and think of Christmas gift (actually that’s a disturbing thought as I did not buy one gift yet) and such stuff! I was the whole Sunday by myself and from church till about 5 pm did not see a single soul. I enjoyed it so much! Watched some TV, lighted candles once it got dark, read a good book, talked to my sis on the phone, … It was just one of those days where doing nothing was ok. I need that from time to time!
In the evening my sister and later on my parents and brothers came home and the house was once again full of life. I guess I am really looking forward to have my one place. I am sure I will miss all the activity from home and especially my family. But at the same time some space for me sounds very tempting.
I am already looking on the internet for apartments though it might still be a bit early. I just don’t know for sure when I will be moving to Mosbach. Maybe next weekend some things will be cleared up a bit. I will drive down to visit my sis in Schwäbisch Gmünd and then up north again to be there for the Partnertag in Mosbach (more information at www.d.om.org). Maybe we will meet?

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