02 December 2008

December 2nd

From today on the countdown of my life as a student started … I officially received the topic for my final thesis. I had to show up personally to receive a paper on which my professor had written the title of my thesis. Then I had to sign another paper and was informed of when and how to hand in my paper. In a way it’s a joke. About 200 years ago it might have been the custom that professors would appoint the topic for their students (mainly so they could further their own research work), but today it looks different. Obviously I decided my topic all by myself and all my professor did was helping me with formulating it in a nice academic sounding way. But the bureaucratic system still dictates us the following procedure. About a week before I sign up for my final paper I have to meet with my professor, he then and there writes down the topic on a piece of paper, puts it into an envelope and seals it. I am handed over this envelope that I have to bring with me for the signup. There the envelope is opened in front of me and after I hand in all other paper work I leave again. 3 weeks later (in my particular case that’s today) I show up again and am handed a copy of the same paper with the topic on it. And now the time is ticking. From today on my 9 weeks of writing my thesis starts.
And today is quite a busy day to start with. In the afternoon I will drive my brothers to their music lessons and later in the evening I have to drive to Marburg yet again to present my thesis (or my work so for) to a group of uninterested students. It´s supposed to help us in the process of finding the topic and method and writing the paper, but to me it seems more like a waste of time. Anyways I will have to prepare now what I want to share with them. Maybe something good will come of it after all.

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