08 December 2008

germans love football

Ok, this has nothing to do with Christmas. But after the rather heavy last few post I thought a bit lighter side should be called for. I assume this song has been produced for the world cup 2006 in Germany, but I have never heard of it until recently. It is by Max Raabe, who is in my opinion a truly hilarious singer. He always seems really serious but actually sings in a funny way. He is usually doing a 20´s remake in the way he dresses and speaks (or sings). Here you see ancient pictures but the footballer they talk about are still playing in the national team today.
Germans usually try to avoid any shows of nationalism and pride in connections with their country. The European or World Cup is basically the only real exception were it is considered socially and political correct to not only own but actually display a German flag. Enjoy!
(and if you are really interested I might even translate the lyrics for you)

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