09 December 2008

memory verses

On Logos II we had a weekly bible verse we would memorize. Well most of us would memorize it. I never really put that much effort into it. At that time it did not seem that important to me. I guess it just felt too much like Sunday school.
Consider this: I had to weekly clean my cabin for cabin inspection (we got grades and the treat for a clean cabin was a free ice cream). Daily devotions and the weekly prayer meeting were compulsory and I had to sign an attendance list. If I missed too often I had to get up at 6am (!!!) on my off day to do some extra chores. Curfew (!!!) was at 12am and watching movies was only permitted chaperoned by a “long-termer” (someone who had been more then 2 years with OM). Talking to guys was ok when in group and to leave the ship I had to take at least one person with me.
Obviously you got used to all these rules and I understand why (at least most of them) were there. But you often felt like a little child! Learning memory versed would just be one more thing to add to it. So I did not do it.
Recently I decided to learn some scripture by heart (this time I was not told to do it but decided for myself). Someone had put these Logos II memory verses together in a little booklet (Bagus, I believe?) and I thought it would be a good guide to go by. An interesting discovery for me has been that I know a big part of these verses already, not only the general contents but even the references. I guess all this time I had been memorizing them unconsciously while remaining in my little rebel attitude. Anyways it makes it much easier now.

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