08 January 2009

Excitement building up

Next week I will take my first dip into my new responsibilities with OM Ships International. I will take a break from writing and attend the biannual conference for new recruits (GO Conference). I will have the opportunity to learn along side my precursor (hey, I just found that word and loved it! Hope I am using it in the right context). This is quite important as she will start her new job by February while I will not be full time in Mosbach till April. I am glad I will be staying directly in the mill. I still remember my conference 6 years ago. Ah, the excitement! I am really looking forward to meet some of the new recruits and old friends (I am sure there will be quite a number of them around) and to learn about my new job. I assume it will be a busy week but I like to have many people around and to arrange things (not sure how much I will be doing that, but I will learn how to in the future) and meet new people.
One disadvantage: I will miss two birthday parties that week.

I will as well get to see an apartment next week. Really exciting! It sounds exactly like what I was looking for in size, location and furnishing. It even has two (!!!) balconies and the prize is really good. I will see what will come of it.

After that week I have to return to another two weeks of writing (finishing of) my thesis and I shall be done with my studies!!!! Oh, I am SOOOOO much looking forward to it. I am getting there. Some days I feel like I am far behind (especially when I suddenly find a new aspect and I am wondering if I should have included it as well), but all in all I think I am within the time frame. So I am excited about that as well.

I was released from my civil duty to help with the elections Sunday in a week (die berühmt - berüchtige Wahl in Hessen). I had another commitment in the evening (operating the sound system for the International Worship Service) and I called to see if I could work early hours and then be off to church. Instead they offered me to get someone else in my position. Hey, sure the more time I have the better.

I received a Christmas gift from Ecuador: A beautiful scarf and a Christmas card. Thank you so much, Esther! I love scarves and was a bit disappointed I did not get one for Christmas this year and then I got one all the way from Ecuador. I will post a picture soon. I really like it´s thin fabric and bright colours.

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