04 August 2009

the good life

So the big news of the day is.... I bought a TV set ... I know it´s really spectacular ;)
but honestly it seems exactly the same as when I bought my car (of course there was a lot more money & necessity invloved). I feel like I weighting myself down with these things. My plan is still to leave this country, but I am not going to live my life on hold. it´s a stretch between living the good life, living the life I have right now and not cluttering it with too much for what is to come. Honestly what on earth am I going to do with a TV set or couch once I am leaving this place for good? But again why should I not enjoy what I have (including the money).

Back and forth! Well for this week I settled for the good life...

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  1. this sounds like I am talking about heavon or something... but actually I ment a live outside of good old Germany....