22 September 2009

crazy happenings

So on Saturday I came back home from holidays and found that my front door key and the lock did not match any more. Apparently the owner of the house had changed the look without informing the tenants (well at least without letting me know). Luckily it was not too late and one of my neighbors let me in. Quite a strange feeling I tell you.

As I could not reach the owner over the weekend (only having an office number) I had to stay inside. No problem as I had not really planned anything and it was a good way of ending me holidays really quietly and by myself.

Then in the evening when I wanted to close the blinds the whole construction came down and instead of closing the window it landed full force on my forehead. Ouch! It hurt but I guess I was too tired to bother. Thought it would not be too bad.
Well, the next morning I was proven wrong when I felt a bump on my head and a look into the mirror proved there was as well a scratch. Combed my hair over it and went to work. Had quite a bit of a headache in the afternoon; Not sure it was due to my collision with the blinds or just the close weather.
Who knows I might end up with a nice little scare on my face and could make up exciting stories about how it happened, something with foreign countries or exotic animals or interesting customs. Ha!

Anyways we had a celebration in the office yesterday after work and afterwards a few went out for a drink. I came along all the while a bit worried whether I would have a key waiting for me in my post box or not (as arranged with my landlady). Well at a few minutes before midnight I found out that there was no key and there where no lights to be seen in the whole house. Everyone seemed to be sleeping and I was standing in front my door and could not go home.
Luckily someone, who previously had pronounced to turn into a pumpkin at midnight, didn’t and offered me to stay over.

The next morning (today) I am trying to get into the house again, but my neighbors all ignored me, had a really sound sleep, went to work really early, where not at home or just refused to answer the ringing doorbell.
I still had some clean cloth in my car, drove over to the grocery shop to buy tooth brush and paste and got ready in the office.
Was there earlier as usually and wondered where everyone else was hiding, till I realized that I missed devotions.

I hope that’s the end of my extraordinary happenings. At least I am leaving now to collect my keys. And it hardly can get worse…
This has been quite a crazy week so far and we only got to Tuesday….

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