22 September 2009

on the road

The last two month I approximately drove 3.550 km (mainly in my car) and it feels like I spend most of my time on the road. These where the stops:
• Hengelo (NL)
• Frankfurt airport
• Siegburg
• Erda
• Schwäbisch Gmünd
• Stuttgart
• Frankfurt
• Waldbröl
• Volendam (NL)
• Amsterdam (NL)
• Den Haag (NL)
• Mosbach

I like to be on the road and moving around and it sure was nice to get to see many people again, meet up with some of you, get to know some better and meet new people.
I guess I was just made to be on the road….
Ok maybe not, but I sure enjoyed it. 

Actually when I look back at the time I am really thankful I was able to do this. There where no accidents or breakdowns. No major issues really. Just a really smooth and calming time. Ok, you have to be messed up a bit to consider that much traveling as calm. But a lot could have gone wrong and it didn’t and I just don’t want to take that for granted.
Anyways there where some really restful days at the end of all that traveling (by the way it was partly work related, but mainly my holidays) and I feel ready for the next challanges. Hope they will come soon…

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