05 January 2012

No. 88 : Organspendeausweis/ organ donor card

I made it!!!! one of the 101 things are ticked off of my endless long list... and it went a lot faster then I thought it would.... :)

No. 88 was getting a organ doner card (don´t you love the German word for it? just shows once again that you can make endless long words, just adding on and on new nouns) and before leaving into the long week (yeah, for Epiphany and living in Baden Württemberg, one of the 3!!! German states that made it a public holiday) I felt like looking up where you can get these cards. Filled it in, printed it, signed it.... and VOILA I am done!

I do belive organ donation is an important topic, that every body should have a opinion on. Not just thinking about making it easier for realtives and others, but I really belive in giving other people a chance to live a better life. When I am dead I won´t need my organs any more, right! Maybe this is a bit simplistic... but my opinion at present!

In case you want to check it out yourself here the links in English (US) , English (UK) and German! Check it out, even if you only want to learn a bit more about the topic.

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