14 February 2012

CHALLENGE Day 9, 11, 13, 14 & Happy Valentines Day

Ok, ok this might not be fair … But look at it! The picture represents all three: something that makes me happy (coffee, sweet card), something blue (the birds on the card), hearts (on the coffee mug & the card).
So come one this HAS to count! :)
(I guess I should have placed this inside my closet and somehow got my self as well in the picture and it would be complete.)

The card came with this:

And here we have - separately and all by it self - Day 9 (aren’t you impressed?) which was "front door". This is a picture of the picture that I have on my front door. If you see it, you know you found me.

Happy Valentines Day to all!

And thank you for the sweet surprises. You know who you are….

Last comment:
I figured out that I can only take decent pictures on my phone during day time. With the sun currently mainly being out while I am busy with work and even then quite reluctant it’s a bit of a challenge. But I will not despair…

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