12 March 2012


I had been thinking of a new name for my blog and on Saturday inspiration hit me in form of a friend making a comment on my appartment.

"The nice thing about this appartment is that it has a view." 

It´s true I do have a beautiful appartment in a half timber house that is (according to the former owner) over 500 years old. It is right in town and I do fully agree with everyone that adores the view from my windows. After 3 years living at this place I am still sometimes astonished how God lead it in such a way that I am actually calling this my home.

Anyways, thinking about my friends comment I thought it might be as well a good name for my blog. As this is my view on life and as I do want to have a view/opinion on issues that matter (to me).

From now on you will find me under www.ceppwithaview.blogspot.com!

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