06 March 2012


If you like you can have a look at my 101in1001 list to see my process so far. There are some areas that certainly need improvement. I am working on it (and am happy for all encouragement).
One point that turned out being REALLY easy are the post cards that I want to send. A friend (she reports about it on her blog over here) has been telling me about this website where you sing up to send and receive post cards to/from random people all over the world. It sounded really fascinating and I think I signed up the same day.
Since then I have been sending post cards to places like China, Taiwan, Netherlands & Russia. First I was wondering what I would write, but there is always something to comment on: the persons profile picture or interests, the post card itself, etc. And there is not that much space on a post card anyways.
So far three post cards found their way into my post box coming from Finland, Malaysia & USA.
If you like receiving and sending postcards (or think you should send more “real” mail) this is the ideal way of connecting with the world. Here is the link to postcrossing.

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