31 May 2012


... I never know what time it is.
… I have to wake up to a boring sounding alarm clock.
… I am unable to quickly check if my doctor’s appointment is at 9 or 9:30 am.
… I can’t call a friend to see when & where we meet to go to the cinema.
… I am unable to quickly say thank you when a letter arrived.
… I am unable call someone as I do not have their phone number written down.
… I need to wait till I am in the office to check my mail.
… I can not quickly look up how far place A is from Mosbach.
… I need to carry a notebook with me to note down thoughts.
… I keep writing useless to do lists as I either leave them behind at home or in the office.
… I do not know if I am free next week Monday.
… I do not feel safe making a longer trip by car or bus.
… I can not find my friend when I lost her in the supermarket.
… I need to turn on a computer to check something online.
… I need to look up recipes in books or print them out.

Note to self: Make sure you NEVER leave your phone at your parents place again.

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