30 November 2006


I’m REALLY tired (just fall asleep in front of the TV) but wanted to share this with you. I was at work today and somehow while working along and talking to God and thinking (it can be a pretty monotonous work sometimes) this song came to my mind. I’m not sure it’s exists in English. In German it goes like this: “Gott hört dein Gebet, er hört dein Gebet. Er versteht was sein Kind bewegt. Gott hört dein Gebet.” Translated it means: “God hears your prayer and understands what’s on your heart.” The moment the song came to my mind it felt as if God gave me a promise. It seemed as if a prayer had been answered. This might sound a bit crazy! It felt like a confirmation that God will carry me and has a plan for my future. It was like a little hug in the business of life.
Somehow a few hours later I was not feeling hugged anymore. A colleague gave me a short answer, I was asked to tidy up a bit and another guy could not help me when I needed his assistance. He is the one that brings the books to the place where I have to pick them up. Though a quite and easy going person he was a bit annoyed with me asking him again to help and signalled that it would take some time until he would be free. A bit frustrated, tired and not in the best mood anymore I tried to go on with my work. In my head I started one of these talks with God. “So, what was that about you answering my prayer and knowing how I feel? I do not feel great right now. I guess I just made that up in my head.” And on I went, in the usually manner. “Actually I did not even ask you for something. So what prayer did you answer?” And there it was: “I know you. I know what you need be for you ask for it.” I was just about to reason that away as my colleague showed up and asked how he could help me. I felt humbled. Not only did this colleague make time for me (and I’m sure God was behind that as well) but there I was reasoning with God about whether he spoke to me or not while he only wanted to assure me. Assure me of his love and care and presence. I still don’t really understand this experience. But it was real. And I know there is an answered prayer though I never formed the words to that prayer. That’s how God is.

I hope you don’t find this too freaky. Reading this from someone else I might as well be wondering. But it was a very real experience with God and I thought it might encourage you as well one way or the other.

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