18 January 2007


Here is what I heard this morning on the radio. Someone (surely someone with a very interesting way of thinking) made an opinion poll and found out that most men in Germany don’t like snow. I had nothing to write otherwise I would have noted some of the numbers. But even without a proof you can believe me it was SHOCKING!!!
Maybe I should add at this point that up to today, the 16th of January, we did not have a little tiny bit of snow. I do live in a, a bit remote, village that usually has quite a bit of snow. When we where small kids and living in the city, my parents would take me and my sisters to go sliding at this place. Not knowing that a few years later we would be living here. Knowing this you might understand why it’s so weird to not have snow this winter.
The weather report does not show any difference: temperatures as in spring! Rain! Storm! But NO snow!
And then there are these guys in Germany that wish it would never ever snow again? I’ve never heard of one saying that. But I guess they would not speak up. Who would openly acknowledge that he would not like snow! It can only be someone who forgot how it was to be a child. There might be one or the other kid that does not like to play in the white wonderland that their backyard or playing ground turned into over night, but the majority loves it.
So why do these little boys turn into men who wish there was no snow? Because of the cold? Because they do not have the time to play anymore? Because they have to get up a bit earlier to make it in time to work? Because they have to clear their car and a path around the house from snow? Because they might have to stay at home when the roads are really bad? Because white fluffy snow turns into grey ugly mood?
Sorry, but those are no good arguments! Am I to harsh? Maybe, yes. But I think these few days or maybe weeks of “real” winter time are really special. Your work or comfort can’t be more important then a few hours of fun in the white!

So what do you think? Any guys (or girls) out there that disagree? I want to hear good arguments! Anyone who agrees with me?

Oh, one more thing. Really has nothing to do with the topic, but our rabbit “Idefix” died yesterday. Not such a big surprise as he seemed a bit sick lately. Did not really eat and such. I think it’s the hardest on my mother, though he belonged to my brothers. She loved him and always thought she knew exactly what he wanted. When my brothers returned from bringing him food she would usually ask:”So what did he say? Did you get a `Thank you´?” I think we will have a funeral this afternoon.

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