06 November 2007

Being able to ............................................smell!

I can see what’s going on in your head right now! “Smell?” you think. “There are way more interesting topics to write about.” Well those of you that know me a bit better might actually guess in what direction this post will go.

Since I was little (“Here she goes again. A loooong story!”) I had a problem with nasal polyps. So far I had two operations. Some people (and I seem to be one of them) have problems with polyps their whole life long.
Since months (if not years by now) I was hardly able to smell anything. Some days where better then others, but I almost got used to it. You know how I speak through my nose and I have a blocked nose most of the time.(Never leave the house without hankies.)
You might ask now why I did not go to see the doctors. Well, for two reasons: I hate to go to see a doctor. Every time I go they seem to find something worse and they hardly ever tell me about a cure with permanent effect. So I usually decide, that as long as I feel ok I won’t go. And here is the second reason: I am afraid of another operation! I hate that feeling of being sick and the pain and not being in control of what’s going on.
You might say that it basically comes down to being afraid. True! But being that honest makes me look bad.

Well, to get on with the story: Lately I was not feeling well. I hardly made it through a whole week without a headache. And I mean bad headache, the once where you almost throw up and are afraid if you will make it home safely. Then one weekend one ear started to hurt as well and I just knew that I could not ignore it any longer.

Last Thursday I had an appointment at an ear, nose and throat (ENT) physician and he basically confirmed my suspicions. The polyps are back and fully grown (Yes, it is nasty!) and an operation will most likely be necessary. But for now I got a nasal spray and antibiotics.

And hear is (“Finally!”) the deal: Since Saturday afternoon I can smell again!
I do not know why. It could be one of the three factors (or a combination):

The drugs worked and made the polyps go back. So far this never happened in previous cases.
The short trip to the Netherlands and the salty ocean air there helped as I was in the Netherlands on Saturday.
God just gave me a little gift and answered my (and others) prayers.

Whatever the reason I feel so blessed being able to smell the fresh air in the morning, the food my mother is preparing or a caramel cappuccino or a flower I pass by or the scent of my shampoo or the damp soil after a rain. Those are the little things most people do not even notice, but to me it feels like the world as been opened up a bit.
I know that the polyps are still there and an operation might still be necessary but being able to smell again for more then just a few hours feels so good! Thank you, father!

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