18 December 2007

december 18th

Time almost flies by. It’s only 6 days till Christmas! So, do guys have all the presents ready? I don’t! Still two missing, but I do have and idea what it will be. Oh, and one I ordered through Amazon and it will hopefully arrive in time. Well here a few things I am looking forward to (in the order they come in my mind):
• My sister coming home for Christmas
• Time as family together
• No deadlines to meet
• Reading what I want to read (oh and a bit for university as well)
• Going shopping after the holidays (and maybe a new haircut?)
• Christmas songs that worship God (not so much the once that are total nonsense)
• Sleeping in
• Meeting friends and relatives
• Candles and dim light and the Christmas smells
• Thinking about why we celebrate and pondering on how to include Jesus in our traditions
• Christmas cookies and sweets and dinner (no turkey, but chicken fricassee in pastry)

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