10 December 2008

Official Mail

I received an official letter today from our mayor. I mean literally the mayor; our place is so small he signs them himself. I would not even be overly surprised to hear he even writes his letters.
Well, it stated that I have been appointed to fulfil my citizen duties and help with the election coming up in January! First I though I might get out of it, as by the time I have already moved to Mosbach. But then I saw the date. Arrrrrrrrrrgh!

I am not happy about this for four very convincing reasons:
1. I will have just returned from GO-Conference in Mosbach and will be tired to dead!
2. It´s two weeks before the hand in of my final paper and I will be crazy busy!
3. I have to show up at the town hall by 7:30 am and stay there till late -- on a Sunday!
4. The last time I did not go voting and I did not make up my mind about this election yet. Now I guess I will have to talk the whole day about nothing else then politics and who to vote for.
Number 4 is for sure the biggest reason. But I guess non of these points will be strong enough to convince my mayor to take me of the list. Maybe I should see if I can find someone to step in? I dare say I will get out of this.

On the other hand it will be an interesting way of getting to know some more people from my village (shortly before I leave) and to earn 25 € (I think official it’s not called “earning”, but in the end that’s what it is).

Honestly I did not even know you get appointed to this kind of duties. I’m a total idiot when it comes to the political system and laws and stuff. Only recently I was surprised to find out we actually elect the European parliament. I have never heard of that. I must have missed the last election, somehow.
Wait, maybe I should tell this at the town hall and they will look for someone else instead?

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